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Faculty of Education

English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching

In our program, our mission is to prepare our students to be competent in English Language Teaching and become professionals, who continuously follow current knowledge and trends and sustain interdisciplinary interaction and communication. We strongly highlight that our students are committed to foundations and principles of contemporary educational and professional practices. Aligned with this vision, we prepare our to students to be fully equipped for the dynamic interaction between education and technology. To this end, we aim to foster their educational growth so that they can follow day-to-day educational practices and lead their communities for improvement and change in national and international platforms.
Our program is designed upon University within School Model which blends and shapes experiences of educational researchers, pre-service teachers and schools through nuanced understandings of the array of factors. It is based on the values and foundations of contemporary and social constructivist teacher education that focuses on bridging the teaching theories and praxis.
Besides the disciplinary tools of English Language Teaching field, our program includes field-specific courses such as special education, methods and approaches, literature and language teaching, and discourse analysis. “Flipped Classroom” model, through which we engage with coursework in various ways, enhances our students’ self-awareness and autonomy in learning.

Graduates of our program have a wide range of career opportunities. While they can work in primary, secondary and high schools, preparatory schools of universities, public and private institutions and vocational schools for adults, they can also choose to work as research assistants in the English and language teaching departments of universities. Additional areas of work are usually offered in fields of translation, public relations, human resources, banking, finance and tourism.

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